Terms of Service Update Notice

As Keycafe’s service grows globally, we have made changes to our Terms of Service to, amongst other things, reflect our growth and our current business and clarify your rights and obligations. These changes apply to new customers who sign up for the service on November 27, 2017 onward and will go into effect for existing customers on January 1, 2018.

Keycafe has also introduced three new agreements which you may be required to enter into in addition to the updated Terms of Service:

1. Community Guidelines: This agreement sets out rules, requirements, and prohibitions that apply to each member of the Keycafe Community who uses or participates in Keycafe’s service.

2. Location Provider Agreement: This agreement must be entered into by each “Location Provider” who hosts Keycafe’s equipment on its locations’ premises for use by Keycafe’s customer.

3. API Agreement: This agreement must be entered into by developers and other entities who intend on using Keycafe’s APIs and related software to develop their own applications that interact with or otherwise utilize Keycafe’s service.

Please review the updated Terms of Service and these three new agreements closely. By continuing to use Keycafe’s service after January 1, 2018, you agree to our updated Terms of Service, the Community Guidelines, and, if applicable to you, the Location Provider Agreement and API Agreement.

In the next few months, we plan to introduce for convenience translations of the Terms into some additional major languages used by our customers. Please check back regularly to stay apprised of any changes to Keycafe’s Terms and new or updated translations.